Hire a Lavor Michigan 1211 LP Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

Hire a Lavor Michigan 1211 LP Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

Lavor Michigan 1211 LP cold water pressure washer is perfect for use in variety of locations such as farms, underground stations, schools, hotels, spas, hospitals etc. Comes with a pressure washer handgun, high pressure nozzle, lance and high pressure hose.

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Hire a Lavor Thermic 9 Pressure Washer

Hire a Lavor Thermic 9 Pressure Washer

Lavor Thermic 9hp Petrol engine pressure washer, with safety by-pass valve. Integrated detergent suction with external suction probe. Adjustable pressure up to 200bar (2900psi).

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Pressure Washers Hire UK

Pressure Washers Hire UK supply a wide range of advanced commercial pressure washers available in both hot and cold variants, to achieve perfect results every time with a quality range of Pressure Washers machines with a combination of power, versatility and efficiency that is unrivalled.

Our Pressure Washers machines are perfect for both small to large floor spaces, allowing you to tackle any cleaning task.

Flexible Hire Incredible Results Free Advice Fast Delivery Save Money with Hire.

Pressure Washers Hire UK have over 25 years of experience and understanding of cleaning machines and equipment we have seen a steady request for floor cleaning machines hire daily, weekly, monthly or yearly periods.

Call today for help and Free advice t: 01279 422 220

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