Next Day Delivery

We can deliver our full range of cleaning machinery anywhere in the UK. We aim to deliver quickly next day, just let us know where and when, we will take care of the rest.

Carpet Cleaners Hire

Carpet Cleaners Hire UK provide a quality range of Carpet Extraction machines with a combination of power, versatility and efficiency that is unrivalled.

Our machines are perfect for both small upholstery stains to large carpeted floor spaces, allowing you to tackle any cleaning task..

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Rotary Polishers Hire

Rotary Polishers Hire UK stock a full range of floor polishing and scrubbing machines are sure to renovate and restore your floors back to a good as new condition. These robust and easy to use machines make it simple to get great results.

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Scrubber Dryers Hire

Scrubber Dryers Hire UK can provide you with a quality range of ICE Scrubber Dryers that have the perfect combination of durability, reliability and efficiency, making them ideal for large area floor cleaning. ICE Scrubber Dryers are sure to increase your cleaning performance and lower your cleaning and maintenance costs.

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Vacuum Cleaners Hire

Vacuum Cleaners Hire UK have a diverse product line of vacuum cleaners on offer that range from our silent professional 10L vacuum cleaners to our larger commercial 80L wet and dry vacuum cleaners. We also provide a quality range of versatile backpack vacuum cleaners that are ideal for efficient cleaning in hard to reach areas.

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