Hire a I18C Barracuda 18″ Walk-Behind Cord Scrubber


The I.C.E 18E mains operated scrubber dryer is the smaller of the I.C.E scrubber dryer range, the 450mm (18”) wide.

1st Day £46
Additional Days £23
Weekly £92
Monthly £230
Delivery £39
Collection £39
Refundable Deposit £150

Hire a I18C Barracuda 18″ Walk-Behind Cord Scrubber

the 450mm (18”) wide scrubbing brush allows for large area cleaning up to 1,200m/hr² whilst still being very easy to manoeuvre and store.


Water and cleaning chemical is applied through the front scrubbing brush, the liquids are vacuumed up by the 762mm wide parabolic squeegee at the rear of the scrubber dryer and collected in the 65 litre recovery tank.

A flexible hose is fitted to empty the recovery tank of the dirty recovered liquids, the top of the scrubber drier swings open on hinges for easy filling of clean water and cleaning chemicals.

Adjustable Brush Pressure

Whereas the non traction drive models are propelled forwards by the rotation of the brush, the traction drive models use a drive shaft to the wheels to enable moment, the advantage of this is the scrubber drier has the ability to reverse.

Traction Drive

The 500mm wide (20”) brush has an adjustable pressure of 30 45kgs which enables good contact even on uneven floors and different types of surfaces.

No Wet Spots

The scrubber dryers vacuum motor shuts down 5 seconds after machine has been turned off making sure that the squeegee and hoses are clear of liquid.